Self-doubt: the modern day dream killer.

What is stopping you from quitting your job and following your passion? What is stopping you from applying for that dream job or making that career change? The answer is simply self-doubt. Self-doubt is a dream killer. Do not listen to it. Instead say I can and I will!

I recently left a fabulous career in investment banking to set up my own business. I loved my job and the people I worked with, but I felt that there was more to life;  more to life than the rush hour commute, the long hours and the constant feeling of exhaustion fuelled by boozy nights. After 6 months of planning, I left the safety of a salary to focus on my business: Ralph Web Media.

Ralph Web Media is a web design and online marketing business for new business start-ups. We design and deliver websites for new businesses using pre built web templates, the use of which keeps the costs down for clients. Our services range from logo design, embedding Google analytics, delivering paid advertising campaigns which aim to increase web traffic and the sales of products and services online.

The whole experience has been the most terrifying, yet rewarding experience but every day I wake up with a feeling that can only be described as an elephant sitting on my chest. Regularly I question myself- what if I can’t pay my mortgage next month? What if the client doesn’t like what I have produced? What if I don’t succeed? These types of questions are self-doubt manifesting and killing our dreams. These are the exact thoughts which are holding us back.  That’s why we kill self-doubt with the words: I can and I will.

Slowly but surely clients have liked the work we produce, clients have recommended us to other clients and I am able to pay my mortgage. I am constantly looking at new ideas, consistently working to win new business and looking at how I can help more people to start their own businesses.

Self-doubt is a dream killer. Do not listen to it. Do not let it manifest itself. Instead, say I can and I will! With enough drive, passion and planning you will achieve your dreams.  You just need to say I can and I will, and you will!