Why people in London are allowed to be rude?

Rudness in London is a given like drinking tea in a tea shop. People in London generally are rude and unfriendly and sometimes unhelpful. But why we may ask?

Any morning that starts with a tube ride is never going to sparkle ones mood. Firstly getting onto the tube platform is a like running a marathon with no shoes. The gates are usually closed due to overcrowding on the platform. The first 10 minutes of your day is spent queuing to get onto a platform. With an elbow here and a push here, it’s like a tin of sardines trying to get out the net. Once you’re out the net and onto the platform, you wait your turn to board the tube. Finally the dark, sanctuary of the tube, which forget ever getting a seat, you have to stand and hold a dirty rail which 1 million people held the week before. If this is not enough to want to disinfect yourself with a bottle of dettol I don’t know what is.

As usual more and more people get on. Before you know it you are once again crammed into a corner, you have an armpit in one cheek and someone’s unwashed dirty hair on the other. At this stage you begin to wonder how people’s personal hygiene can be that poor first thing in the morning. If you are super unlucky the smell of stale fat oil on someone’s coat or human odour to the other side of your nostril adds to the journeys horror. What do you expect when people live in a 2x2 flat with no garden and tiny windows for ventilation?  With rents over £2000, most are grateful to have a box room for under £1000. Wasted, hard earned money, given to landlords with no hope of ever being able to buy even a shoe box in London.

You manage to escape the tube out  into the open away from sardine packed people. You rise above the ground into lightness, breathing in the fresh smell of taxi fumes and stale bus air. By this stage your clean washed hair has gone limp with pollution and your clothes have lost their fresh laundered smell. But its ok you survived the stench of the tube, the jam packed train, the germs. So naturally when someone bumps into you or asks for your help, you really couldn’t care. All you want is your office desk and personal space with no armpit in your ear, for at least for eight hours until the whole journey repeats itself. Day after day. Week after week. Month after month. Year after year. Now can you see why people in London are so rude?